While I Breathe, I Dance.

Dedication, Perseverance  -  Exhilaration

Dedicated to ardent ballet fans.

Gifts,  items to express your passion for the art of ballet.

Featured - Etoiles collection

Feature - Corps De Ballet collection

Etoile Collection

This collection consists of beautiful mixed media artwork with watercolor, gouache and color pencils by Juliet Ouyoung.  A seasoned costume
designer working in NYC, she has designed for film, television, and dance (Jouyoung.com).  An avid balletomane, Juliet’s muse are ballerinas and her
love of the dance shows through her unique style, thoughtful composition,
and rich palette.

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Corp De Ballet Collection

The fun and whimsical collection - bold and iconic - styled and curated by Juliet.  So show the world how much of a ballet geek you really are, loud and proud.  Wear it, grab it, love it, share it.  And tell’em where you got it!

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